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Why you shouldn't sell on social media: Do this instead!

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By: Tim Bouchard

Blueworks Pro, Owner

Paid Advertising Expert; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google

University of Maryland, Smith School of Business; B.S. Marketing and Management

Tim is the founder and owner of Blueworks Pro, where he works with clients to reach their revenue and growth goals through paid advertising channels.

Why is it bad to sell on social media?

You may have been told over the years that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram were going to get you a ton of new customers. You heard this and had to make an account for your business or brand. Why wouldn’t you? Social media is free.

In order to sell your products or services, you have to convince your customers to buy them, right? So, you started posting all the features and benefits. You put out offer after offer and not only was it not working, it seems like fewer people were seeing it every time.

Why is this happening?

  1. People don’t use social media to get sold to
  2. Social media companies are suppressing your posts
  3. You have to pay to play 

Let’s quickly break down these three very important reasons.

1. People don't use social media to get sold to

Social media apps are increasingly taking up more people’s time and attention throughout their day. People trade these valuable assets for a place to connect with friends, discover fun events, or have a good laugh at a funny meme. They are not opening up the app 20 times a day to see how you can save them on insurance or what your last customer had to say about your services. 

Your posts are getting ignored because they aren’t trading value for attention. Users are recognizing your business’s profile and flipping past it because they know all you do is sell to them. 

The great promise of social media isn’t panning out like you thought it would. You consider it must be the number of posts you put out each week, so you double down, and now you are losing followers. This is not what they signed up for and it’s getting your business nowhere. 

2. Social media companies are suppressing your posts

Social media companies are suppressing their users’ posts, but not in the way you may think:

Meta’s platforms, Facebook and Instagram, make their revenue from companies buying Ad spots on their users’ feeds. Think of it as Meta’s customers are the companies that advertise with them and their product is their users’ attention. But, they have to keep the users on their platforms, and that Ad space has to be valuable to their customers. 

If a user looks at a series of 10 Facebook posts, 3 of them might be advertisements and the rest may be a picture of their niece’s new baby, their favorite local band’s new album, or just something funny to laugh at. Having those 3 Ads sandwiched in between the other posts is what makes the Ad spots so valuable.

Think like a Facebook executive, why would they want to give you that prime Ad real estate when you aren’t paying for it?  

3. You have to pay to play

Social media companies like Facebook and Instagram are for-profit organizations. They make billions of dollars from advertisers every year. They also have an obligation to their shareholders to show increases in revenue every quarter.

They have created a business model for themselves that is simple: 

  1. Get new users on the app
  2. Keep users on the app
  3. Make money through Advertisers 

They found that if advertisers are getting new customers from their Ads and making a good ROI, they will continue to give them money and increase their budgets. So Meta focused very hard on creating algorithms that not only put Ads in front of users but users that are likely to purchase that product or service.

Do This Instead!

  1. Use social media apps to build relationships, entertain, and educate
  2. Only sell your products and services if you are running them as paid ads
  3. Hire a professional who knows how to effectively advertise on social media platforms

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