How I Used College Students and Facebook Ads to Scale My Home Service Business

College students painting docks and decks, with a background showcasing a successful Facebook ad campaign for Waterfront Services


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By: Tim Bouchard

Paid Advertising, Social Media, and Content Creation Expert

University of Maryland, Smith School of Business; B.S. Marketing and Management

Tim is the founder and owner of Blueworks Pro, where he works with clients to reach their revenue and growth goals through content-based marketing strategies.

As the owner of Waterfront Services, a home service business specializing in dock and deck painting, I faced several challenges when it came to scaling my business. One of the main challenges was finding reliable and skilled labor to handle the workload. However, I was able to overcome this obstacle by hiring college students from the University of Maryland during the summer months.

Why College Students?

The college students I hired were ambitious and eager to work for a fair wage. They were able to assist with painting docks and decks, allowing us to take on more projects and increase our capacity. This initial step was crucial in laying the foundation for scaling the business.

Once we had a reliable labor force in place, we focused on generating more leads and increasing our customer base. We utilized various strategies, including word-of-mouth referrals, online reviews, and social media marketing. However, one of the most effective methods we used was Facebook advertising.

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads allowed us to reach a targeted audience of homeowners who were in need of dock and deck painting services. We created creative advertisements showcasing before and after pictures of the projects we had completed. This visual representation of our work helped to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

When homeowners responded to the ads by filling out a lead form, we would immediately follow up with a phone call to schedule an estimate. This prompt response was crucial in converting leads into actual customers. By providing a quick and efficient service, we were able to build a positive reputation and generate more leads through word-of-mouth referrals.

How we qualified those leads

During the initial phone call, we would qualify the leads by asking specific questions about the scope of the project and the homeowner’s timeline. This allowed us to determine if the project was a good fit for our services and if the homeowner was serious about moving forward. By qualifying leads on the phone, we saved time and resources by only pursuing projects that were likely to convert.

In addition to the phone call qualification, we would also utilize Google Maps to get a better idea of the project location and scope. This helped us assess the feasibility of the project and determine if it was within our service area.

Conclusion: Bringing it all together

By combining the use of college students for labor and targeted Facebook ads for lead generation, we were able to successfully scale our home service business. The college students provided us with the necessary manpower to take on more projects, while the Facebook ads allowed us to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

Throughout this process, it was important to maintain a high level of customer service and deliver quality work. By consistently exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional service, we were able to build a loyal customer base and generate repeat business.

Overall, utilizing college students and Facebook ads was a winning combination for scaling our home service business. It allowed us to expand our capacity, increase our customer base, and ultimately grow our revenue. By adapting to the changing landscape of marketing and leveraging available resources, we were able to achieve success in a competitive industry.

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