Building a Successful Home Service Business: Lessons Learned from My Journey in the Industry

Building a Successful Home Service Business: Lessons Learned from My Journey in the Industry


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By: Tim Bouchard

Paid Advertising, Social Media, and Content Creation Expert

University of Maryland, Smith School of Business; B.S. Marketing and Management

Tim is the founder and owner of Blueworks Pro, where he works with clients to reach their revenue and growth goals through content-based marketing strategies.

Starting a home service business can be a challenging endeavor, but with the right strategies and mindset, it is possible to build a successful and thriving company. As someone who has navigated the home service industry and experienced both the highs and lows, I want to share the lessons I have learned throughout my journey.

How It Started…

My journey in the home service industry began when I was a college student running my own deck and dock painting business called Waterfront Services. During the school year, I took on a sales representative position at College Works painting to further develop my skills. This experience taught me valuable lessons in estimating, leading crews, and selling to customers.

After learning these skills, I realized that I had the potential to run my own full-time business. I took the leap and went all-in on Waterfront Services, enlisting the help of college students I knew to join my team. We started by painting docks and eventually expanded to decks and other outdoor structures. I focused on honing my sales skills and building trust with customers, which allowed me to generate $250,000 in revenue and help over 60 homeowners with their outdoor projects in just two years.

Lessons Learned: Lead Generation

One of the key lessons I learned during this time was the importance of marketing and building trust with potential customers. I utilized various marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor to generate leads. By having a strong online presence and showcasing our work through before and after photos, I was able to establish credibility and gain the trust of homeowners. Additionally, I focused on providing a professional and trustworthy image by having a well-designed website, logos, t-shirts, and other marketing materials.

Another crucial lesson I learned was the power of video content in marketing. I used platforms like Facebook and Instagram to deliver content to my target audience, showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of our work and testimonials from satisfied customers. This not only attracted new customers but also led to referrals from those who followed me on social media. Consistently posting on these platforms and engaging with my audience helped me gain visibility and build a strong reputation.

Making A Crucial Change

As my business grew, I realized that I had a knack for lead generation and marketing. I made the decision to close down Waterfront Services and focus on finishing my marketing degree at the University of Maryland. This led me to a position as a salesperson and marketing director at Annapolis Painting Services. There, I applied the skills I had acquired from my previous experiences and helped the company expand its marketing efforts. I implemented outbound marketing strategies such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and radio ads, as well as created video content and revamped the company’s website.

This experience ultimately inspired me to start my own agency, Blueworks Pro, where I could help multiple home service companies with their marketing and lead generation. I began by offering video production services, creating brand videos, advertisements, and testimonials for my clients. I also utilized Facebook ads, Google ads, and other digital marketing strategies to attract qualified leads. Through my agency, I have been able to help numerous home service businesses achieve their marketing goals and generate a positive return on investment.

Conclusion: What I Learned

Throughout my journey in the home service industry, I have learned several valuable lessons that have contributed to my success. These lessons include the importance of marketing and building trust with customers, the power of video content in attracting leads, and the value of honing in on specific skills and leveraging them to help others. By applying these lessons, I have been able to build a successful career in digital marketing and lead generation for home service businesses.

In conclusion, building a successful home service business requires a combination of skills, strategies, and a strong work ethic. By learning from my experiences and implementing the lessons I have shared, aspiring entrepreneurs in the home service industry can increase their chances of success and achieve their business goals.

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